About Us

A Place Where You Regain Your Health

Traditional Chinese medicine is a traditional healing method which has a long history. Although western medicine technology is advanced nowadays, traditional Chinese medicine still cannot be replaced. Traditional Chinese medicine has many benefits, no side effects, and the same effect as western medicine. Our centre is a clinic that provides you with various Chinese medicine treatments. The doctor at the clinic was a senior female TCM physician named 袁医师. She has over 30 years of medical experience. The clinic mainly provides internal medicine, acupuncture, soft tissue damage, gynaecology, paediatrics, Chinese medicine method weight loss.

The environment of the centre is comfortable, warm, and modern design which create a clean and bright atmosphere which is totally different from the cold colours used in traditional Chinese medicine clinics. The environment can affect the mood of the patient. We will consider in this sector so that the patient can get their treatment in this comfortable environment.

People nowadays are busy with their work which and has no time for sport. Small problem on the body may slowly become big problem and it may be out of control eventually. In here, we have integrated excellent TCM technology to help you maintain health and make you become more beautiful and healthy.

袁中医师 always insists on safety first and never sloppy in all treatments. At the same time, you can also receive treatment here with peace of mind. 袁中医师 has won many professional recognitions.

If interested with our course, please call us for booking. Health and beauty are always yours. Don't ignore your health because of busy.